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The marketplace was launched in March 2022, created specifically for doll collectors and lovers of author’s dolls, toys and myriatures.

The first launch of the marketplace took place on June 17, 2015, but the main popularity came to him in April 2022, after merging with the DailyDoll Shop

The third and youngest project in the marketplace family, it opened in December 2022, was created specifically for digital goods and purchases through cryptocurrency.

The exhibition was first organized in 2015 in Alicante, Spain. The exhibition is dedicated to author’s and custom dolls, miniature and handmade. In 2022, the 8th exhibition took place.

The first competition started in 2019. This is an online competition, which is considered one of the most difficult and prestigious in the world of designer dolls.

The International Association of Author’s Doll was founded in 2021, its members are the most eminent authors, as well as young and very promising authors.

This is the first store opened in Alicante in April 2023. It sells items for Macrame, Amigurumi, author dolls, Blythe,
BJD Dolls, Teddy Bears, DIY Kits, Felting,
Sculpture and modeling, Knitting, Candle making, Soap making and more.

The magazine was launched on November 6, 2020, today it is one of the most popular magazines for all lovers of dolls and handmade.


Information guide about author's dolls, art and authors

This project is under development. The start of the project is scheduled for mid-2023.

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From Art to Life

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Very often we forget about the beautiful and that’s why we decided to promote art and make our ordinary days beautiful!

All our projects are unique, we work with authors and artists around the world, making art closer and more accessible.

Gain Digital Advantage

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With the help of the digital marketplace, it has become much easier to develop, sell and provide your services.
Our team works every day to improve our sites by introducing various technologies.

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Our projects are available to everyone, we want unique opportunities to be constantly present in our lives and filled with the light of our possibilities.
That is why we strive to make our platforms popular and our companies interesting for most people.



About Us

Who we are

We were born from the world of art and, more specifically, from the field of author dolls.

Our goal is to promote the creation of dolls and also everything related to art and crafts. For such goals to be worthwhile, they must be achieved through honesty and responsibility: this is behind each and every one of our actions and purposes.

We also think that all our activity must have social repercussions, that art, in short, must contribute to making the world a better place. For this reason, most of our funds are reinvested in ongoing projects, in order to improve their implementation, to help, specifically, those people with whom we are in contact and who need our support, and to generate new projects with positive repercussions for people, among others the creation of a foundation to support creators who, due to their age, must already retire.

You can count on us, and, of course, we want to count on all of you.
Let’s help art become a great, and necessary, planetary embrace.
Health and peace.

Ilona and Irina

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